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Saturday, November 20, 20102:50 AM
It is not that easy when you think about it.
You think that it'll be an instant thing? Pssh.
Two words, Dream On.
I ain't being cruel, 'sides, doesn't that saying go:
You have to be cruel to be kind.
You mean a lot to me and that is why, 
I ain't gonna help you one bit.
Because, I kinda know the outcome of this situation.
And I know this sounds selfish, but...
I am not gonna let myself get caught up between this.
No fucking way, thank you very much.
It ain't gonna be a garden of flowers that you're gonna run through.
It is gonna be difficult ; Like fighting through the levels of hell with a toothpick.
I am just gonna support you only if you need it.
I ain't gonna give you every thing on a silver platter.
I can't. I won't. I shouldn't.
Yeah, I am so sorry that I am being such a bitch.
But that is how things go for now.
The only words I have for are Good Luck.
Simple yet they do mean a lot.
It'll start out rocky but, if things go smoothly, then great.
I'll be happy. Overjoyed. :)
End of 1st part of my posting motive.

I wanna spill my heart to you. Maybe I am selfish.
I want you to myself, I hate it when you talk to my brother.
Whether we are playing game together or just MSN-ing.
I hate it so much when you just ignore me.
It fucking kills me when you just push me away.
Push me into the dark and welcome others in.
It is so unfair. It is like I mean nothing.
I really wanna say that I don't care anymore.
But that is gonna be a lie.
An extremely sinful and big lie. 
Because I fucking care a lot. 
I know I don't love you but I do care about you.
I appreciate you like no other.
I really wish things could be different. 
I wish  you were here around.

Bye Beautiful People.

;Until the End

Friday, October 8, 20109:07 PM
Hi all :) Heehee.
I am bored out of my wits :)
So I am like blogging shit.
Ho ho ho ho.
O Levels are here in 2 weeks.
Fuck my life. :)
I am gonna go study soon.

He doesn't look that bad, alright...? ):
Pretty sexy if you ask me.
If it's about the past,
I think Dante didn't want to accept his Demon roots.
Thus the hair colour.
I just hope that the game would make up for the "shock".
What game I would really love to see is,
A game about VERGIL.
Yes, hell yes. I would love to see that sexy man.
But I hope he'll remain the way he is...
I love Vergil's personality. :)
So... Yeah. That'll be the shit.
Or they could go the MGS way,
Like they made a game of Big Boss :)
They should make one of Sparda.
DMC4 was a waste of time.
My brother sold his game LOL.
That's how bad...
He wants to sell Bayonetta as well.
Any buyers? :)
Lol. So yeah.
Dante could've turned out worse.
The makers have their own reasons for doing this I guess.
These changes makes more space for a story line.
A more mature outlook :)
Yeah. Don't criticize anymore.
Kays, see you around, beautiful people :)

;Until the End

Monday, October 4, 20104:25 PM
Yes, I am blogging. It is a miracle.
Like holy shit!?! Hahahas. Yes yes. Whatever.
Well, things have been on the bright side. :)
I can say that, right...?!
Unless some people decide to say that I got raped -.-
Yeah, bloody amazing, huh? LOL
I am so bored out of my wits. I need to study ):
I actually surrendered my SIM card and iPod Touch :O
*face palms*
Damn, I am just gonna give a short update... But...
So, meh. I don't really careeeeeeeeee xD

;Until the End


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